Ladies and gentlemen,

Life is romantic! You are romantic! And KANSAS has a vast landscape, rife with venues and happenings to nudge the romantic in you!

By “romantic,” this website guides a romantic attitude – a looking to your environment to find what appeals to your heart, and partners with your zest for life. This focuses on loving local, local to Kansas and local to featured venues.

My name is Jacquée T. and I am your hostess in this fabulous endeavor. I write the features, announcements and the Sponsor profiles from my romantic’s perspective. Romantic in loving life, and what Kansas offers in loving life.

I also host the Radio Podcast series, “A romantic in Kansas” to share perspectives on the Sunflower State.

This all to remind you that you may tap into your romantic side every day, simply by paying attention to your environment. And to invite you to look closely at Kansas and its gems.

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Paola celebrates the 30th Annual Roots Festival
This tradition includes a spectacular live music line-up, a BBQ Cook-Off and more! Check out the details here.

 Via ‘Love for Words:’ Gotta love HARKEN!

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Our Sponsors are romantic! They support the KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! mission in celebrating the Sunflower State, and they have their own way to inspire your day. For example ….

The Spring Hill population has almost tripled within the past 20 years, and local business owners have adjusted to the changes, and even capitalized on them, says Sharon Mitchell, President and CEO of the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce.
   They focus on their strengths that

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