Definition of ‘romantic’ — Lucky Friday the 13th “Fun & Prizes!” winners

Zow! There are so many ways to define “romantic” — and the latest “Fun & Prizes” contest proves it.

Here’s a link to the initial contest — that ran between noon and 1 p.m. Friday, September 13th: “Define ‘romantic’!” 

The contest initially was set to award 13 winners in celebration of Friday the 13th. However, there were so many fabulous Comments — I decided to award 13 Ladies, and 13 Gents — each to win two tickets to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Here’s the Table listing the winners, and the Comments they submitted:

Click here to see the chart PDF file: KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! Fun & Prizes III Winners

And this is only a sampling of the Comments submitted. ‘Tis worth checking them out for yourself.

Note to Winners: Message me on the Facebook Page ‘A romantic in Kansas’, or Comment below to connect regarding getting the tickets to you.

Note to all who entered but did not win this time: Your names will be put in “The Hat” — a veritable place for future Drawings to win two tickets to RenFest.

Super Thank You to all who partook in this fun contest. Stay tuned for more chances to win, and remember Stay romantic!

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