End of Summer — Fun & Prizes!

___________ late summer, 2019

The ‘A romantic in Kansas’ Podcast program and social media posts are extensions of KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! All three entities will present opportunities for you to partake in an “End of Summer” celebration that includes Fun & Prizes!
Here are the details.

Prizes begin with Kansas City Renaissance Festival tickets!

Upcoming website posts, social media posts, and Podcast episodes will include chances to win prizes provided by KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! website Sponsors, now through the Autumn Equinox September 23rd.

Prizes are provided by participating KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! website Sponsors. All our Sponsors are based in Kansas, and have products and services at their home base, and some have availability online.

Like this website, this celebration is designed to inspire your romantic side. All while indulging your sense of fun, and broadening your awareness of the Sunflower State.

This will include fun Calls-to-Action to qualify for your chances to win. The chances will be presented throughout KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! announcements, and ‘A romantic in Kansas’ social media posts and Podcast episodes.

First Chance — Enter to Win — best Comments
Prize: A pair of tickets to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Awarded to three separate winners!
Fun: Peruse KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! menus — the Drop-Down menus at top and the “Fun Facts” menu in the Footer menu.
Enter to Win
1. Each post in the menus offers option to Comment.
2. Select one post that inspires you to add your Comment, and submit.
3. Five people  who submit Comments by Midnight tonight (August 28th, 2019) will win a pair of tickets each! Winners will be selected by their post content.
No hurries, no worries
—– No hurries
a) Take time to find the KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! Post that inspires you.
b) Take time composing the Comment. It doesn’t need to be long. It does need to address the featured Post.
—– No worries
c) Folks who submitted authentic Comments for this First Chance, that were not selected for this win will be added to the ‘End of Summer ‘ Runners-Up list, to add to your chances to win prizes later in this celebration.

Start perusing now! to submit your comment: KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! (.com)

Thank you to our participating Sponsor:
Kansas City Renaissance Festival!


23 thoughts on “End of Summer — Fun & Prizes!”

  1. Enjoying your site! I did leave a post on your oldest cinema info. Awesome! I’m glad I followed Kansas City Renaissance Festival post here. The winery info is one I am going to have to check out too!

  2. Jaquenette Culver

    Love the kc ren fest started going 14 years ago when my son got married it’s a lot of fun look forward to it every year and hope to win thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Cheyenne Colborn

    I will be taking my daughters to the KC Ren Fest for their first time this upcoming weekend and I know they will enjoy it! It will my oldest daughters 3rd birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary Saturday! My family and I have been going for a long time and we always have a good time!

  4. Love Love Love going to the KC Renaissance Festival every year! I travel down from Lincoln, NE and bring different people with me each year. Started out going with my dad, then took lovers, friends, my mom, my husband & kids, etc over the years. I love how much it’s grown and changed, adding more features and fun! It was especially great to bring my kiddos & experience the festival through their little eyes. I’ve dressed up some years in renaissance attire and brought gold dollars along for coin to add to the fun & authenticity. We’ve stayed in a nearby KOA campground in tents and stayed at an Air BnB. My in-laws live in Olathe so we’ve stayed with them as well & brought them along too. The RenFest is definitely one of the best attractions Kansas has to offer and such a great place to share love on so many levels!

  5. The Renaissance festival is my favorite thing to go and do in Kansas. My grandma was the first person to take me and my family to it. I would love to be able to take my son and my fiance to it. I love going because it’s like stepping back in time.

  6. I was answering a facebook post earlier tonight, that was 25 questions to answer now that you are an adult. One of the questions was “When was the last time that you had a romantic date?” I will turn 63 in October. I have not had a “romantic date” since I moved to Missouri 5 years ago, after a divorce. I was talking to my oldest son today about what I wanted to do for my 63rd birthday. I told him that I had always wanted to go to the Renissance Faire in Bonner Springs, since moving here. I missed the ones I used to go to in Lincoln, NE. It was always our dream when my grandson was little, for us to dress up the little guy as a dragon, my oldest son would be a knight, my daughter-in-law a lady-in-waiting, and myself… well, I wanted to be an old tavern wench! LOL! Yep, all 5′ 1″ of me, at my age! 🙂 This would be a a romantic dream come true for an “old lady” to share with her 9 year old grandson! Help Sir Marc! Save me from this baby dragon! Maid Marion! Please tell Sir Marc to help the old tavern wench! Kansas is Romantic to the Rescue! The tavern wench got some unexpected kisses from Faire Lords and Knights! Watch out! The Tavern Wench just may give you a hug and kiss, and share the Romance of Kansas with you also! <3

  7. When I think of Kansas City Renaissance Fair, I think of the love of family and the adventure that awaits us each year.

    1. The one thing that our family likes about the Renaissance Festival is that there is something for each and every one of us to enjoy!

  8. We had good friends who went to the Renaissance Fair each year. She was an artist and an exceptional seamstress, and would make their costumes each year. Then they’d get dressed up to showoff in the neighborhood. They were attractive, wholesome, and very entertaining. They moved back East and we haven’t seen them since. But we remember how romantic they were and how the neighborhood shared their romanticism. We miss them. Mike W

  9. Thanks for this read! Too excited to take wife to The Renaissance Festival. Very excited to know more information about it.

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