Invite her now — springtime and tulips

___________April, 2019

Fellas, invite your darling to celebrate springtime! Here is a fabulous seasonal choice – a Tulip festival.

There are annual Tulip festivals in Kansas, yet my pick for the best date is in Topeka* – specifically “Tulips at Twilight.”

Here’s the thing: You gotta invite her now!

Read on for reasons to invite your darling to a seasonal venue like a Tulip festival, and why “Tulips at Twilight” makes a fabulous example for a springtime romantic date.

Tulip festivals make a timely, and memorable date.
O yes, it’s fun to celebrate the season! And tulip festivals make fabulous venues to do just that.
● Tulips are seasonal flowers that bloom during springtime.
● Tulip festivals celebrate tulips as an ushering-in spring, via outdoor events and displays.
● The events showcase beautiful backdrops of tulip blooms.

Tulip events are designed as family-friendly and group-friendly. Yet, they also make fine canvasses to plan celebrating spring with your darling.

Planning your date is simple, really, and simplicity is elegance. Fellows, get the details of your local springtime festival, and decide how to celebrate it with your sweetheart, oft holding her hand.

lanterns floating in the Ward-Mead pond

“Tulips at Twilight” sets the scene.
For folks in Topeka, “Tulips at Twilight” brings the traditional festival into nighttime, with celebrations 7p.m.-10 p.m. The final evenings are the last weekend in April.

This special event is an extension of the annual “Topeka Tulip Time” festival. This year “Tulip Time” runs April 5th-22nd. Tulips at Twilight runs Friday and Saturday nights, with the remaining weekends April 19th-20th, and an extended 26th-27th.

The sun sets, dusk descends and the night begins as you walk with your darling among over 40,000 tulips. Now the paths are lined with electronically lit “luminarias” to show like candlelight along your path.

Larger than life, 20-ft. tall hand-crafted tulips sculptures also light your path, beautifully from above.

The “family” and “group” aspect fades with the dusk. While these entities may remain present somewhere in the landscape – now the night belongs to you and your sweetheart.

Grasp the spring night together – and love for live music. Live band performances begin at 8 p.m.

20-ft. hand-crafted tulips

Make it a date!
Fellows, seize the local spring celebration in your area — and invite your darling now!

Celebrations like Tulip festivals, present windows of time to honor the timely season and local traditions.

For gents to celebrate Tulips at Twilight:
Escort your darling to:
Old Prairie Town/Ward-Meade Botanical Garden
124 Northwest Fillmore Street, in Topeka.
Parking is available on premises.
“Tulips at Twilight” includes over 40,000 tulips, illuminated fixtures, option for tours of the Old Prairie Town buildings, and live music entertainment.
Admission: Suggested at $5.00-per person. Fellows, you are welcome to provide more.
Proceeds benefit the organizations that present this event.

For more information on “Topeka Tulip Time,” visit the KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! announcement.

*Other annual Tulip festivals in Kansas: Belle Plaine, and Wamego.








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