KANSAS Fun Facts!

Love interesting facts about KANSAS!

To the stars!

Gotta love the Kansas State Motto!  … ’Tis Ad Astra Per Aspera. That’s Latin for “To the Stars Through Difficulties.” ’Twas adopted in 1861 as the State Motto, and that same year the phrase was incorporated into the State Seal. The phrase had been adopted by John James Ingalls – a man from Massachusetts, who …

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River carves Kansas

_____________ The state of Kansas, on the United States map, is almost a perfect rectangle, were it not for the northeast corner. The River did it! The Missouri River, that is. This river altered the Kansas almost perfect rectangle shape, by carving its signature in the northeast corner. The Missouri streams from the northwest, cuts …

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For Women’s Rights!

_____________ Kansas became a state in 1861 and from the start, Kansas women have been integral in campaigning for their right to vote. They began with fighting for rights in district school elections, where they accomplished limited voting rights for widows with children. Kansas women, and the organizations they led, continued fight, and won the …

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Sunflowers face east

_____________ The Kansas state flower, the Sunflower, faces the sun throughout the day. Well, the young flowers do. Here’s the reason. The sunflower broad center contains up to 2,000 tiny flowers. They need to maximize their sunlight intake. So, from sunrise to its set, sunflowers follow the sun in the sky. They face east in …

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The Time Zones

_____________Most of the state is in the Central Time Zone — with the exception of the region along the western border. Cheyenne County is in the top, northwest corner of the state. The four counties directly south of this county are in the Mountain Time Zone. These counties are, starting north: Sherman, Wallace, Greeley and …

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