Love for Words

Jacquée T.’s signature ‘Love for Words’ glossary

Catastrophize — to allege catastrophy

April 1st   2020 ___ Catrastrophize is a verb form of “catastrophe,” yet ’tis accusatory of the person claiming the catastrophe. Definition via View or present a situation as considerably worse than it actually is offers a similar one-definition to view or talk about (an event or situation) as worse than it actually is, or as …

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Love for Words — Shamrock

March 1st, 2020 ___ The Shamrock is the most universally recognized symbol of Ireland, and is recognized in Irish folklore. American Heritage Dictionary defines “Shamrock” as: — Any of several plants, such as a clover or wood sorrel, having compound leaves with three small leaflets, considered the national emblem of Ireland. Note: it says “considered” the national emblem. …

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Love for Words — whence

March 1st 2020 ___ ‘From where’ quantifies the meaning behind the tiny and dramatic word, whence. defines “whence” and gives usage examples: 1. from what place?: Whence comest thou? 2. from what source, origin, or cause?: Whence has he wisdom? American Heritage Dictionary defines “whence” and gives usage examples: 1. From where; from what …

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