Love for Words

Jacquée T.’s signature ‘Love for Words’ glossary

Love for Words — Shamrock

March 1st, 2020 ___ The Shamrock is the most universally recognized symbol of Ireland, and is recognized in Irish folklore. American Heritage Dictionary defines “Shamrock” as: — Any of several plants, such as a clover or wood sorrel, having compound leaves with three small leaflets, considered the national emblem of Ireland. Note: it says “considered” the national emblem. …

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Love for Words — whence

March 1st 2020 ___ ‘From where’ quantifies the meaning behind the tiny and dramatic word, whence. defines “whence” and gives usage examples: 1. from what place?: Whence comest thou? 2. from what source, origin, or cause?: Whence has he wisdom? American Heritage Dictionary defines “whence” and gives usage examples: 1. From where; from what …

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Full Wolf Moon

January 1st 2020 ______The January full moon is known as the Full Wolf Moon. Native American tribes named each recurring full moon to reflect the season and the respective moon phases. The most well known names come from Algonquin tribes who lived in areas from New England to Lake Superior. They named the January Moon …

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