Love for Words

Jacquée T.’s signature ‘Love for Words’ glossary

ambient — the surrounding atmosphere

Julyy 1, 2019 ___ Ambient represents a pervading aspect of surroundings, that tends to set the mood. Pronounced [AM-bee-uhnt], this word is related to the noun “ambience” — that is also spelled “ambiance.” Yet “ambient” is an adjective. It is a describer behind what makes the “ambience.” Definitions of “Ambient” — via a consistent surrounding of something. — via Webster’s New World Dictionary: surrounding; …

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Moxie — a bold nature

June 1st   2019 ___ A person with moxie has courage, confidence, and a bit of a daring nature. Such a person oft brings people’s mouths agape, and in the aftermath, tends to exude an air of individual style and class. History “Moxie” was a popular medicine in the 1870’s that claimed to “build up your nerve.”  In the 1880’s …

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