A ‘romantic’ in Kansas SPECIAL FEATURES were presented in 2018. They present a story of how Jacquee T. arrived to Kansas and learned about Kansas.
Each episode is approximately an hour long, and includes:
● an opening Vignette regarding Miss T.’s experience related to the subject
● Fun Facts about the subject at hand, and about Kansas
● and a feature Sponsor interview.
These are for your listening pleasure while you are cleaning, tending to tasks, or simply taking time to relax.

Chapter III — Seeking the Cowboys

“A romantic in Kansas” SPECIAL FEATURES : Seeking the Cowboys *** In this episode, you may: ✦Listen to a Vignette regarding why Miss T. thought “Cowboys!” when anticipating coming to Kansas. ✦ Listen to an interview with a Cowboy Poet. ✦ Learn guidelines regarding Cowboy Hat etiquette. ✦ And, o yes, more!   Check out the “A romantic in Kansas” Core …

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