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Jacquee T.’s ‘A romantic in Kansas’ Podcast — recent episodes

Happy Halloween! In this episode: ● Jacquée gives reasons to celebrate Halloween and suggestions in celebrating. ● Plus, fun facts behind the “Trick or Treat!” tradition. Thank you to our Sponsors who make the “A romantic in Kansas” Podcast possible: ● Great Overland Station Museum and Historic Place in Topeka ● Brass Rail Tavern in Topeka …

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The 3 ‘L’s’!

Jacquée T. presents “the 3 L’s” that are  important in navigating through life wherever you are! In this episode: ◆ The ‘3 L’s’ plus guidelines and suggestions in regarding them. ◆ An interview with the General Manager of the Paola Inn and Suites ◆ A ‘Note to Self’ observation. Listen in! ___________________ Thank you to …

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Announcing next Podcast PLUS ‘Fun & Prizes’

UPDATE! Here’s a link to the ‘A romantic in Kansas’ radio Podcast that features ‘The 3 L’s’! Below is a “Fun & Prizes” contest for folks to guess the 3 L’s. It includes ver-ly nice guesses in the Comments area. ___________ September 5th, 2019  “Guess what are the ‘3 L’s” Contest. CLOSED. (See Contest details below …

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