You are cordially invited

to Sponsorship

Dear fine Mackinac Island business owner,

I have visited Mackinac Island over the years to cover articles for my newspaper column, and for magazines and my websites.

One of the visits inspired this short story, that I am preparing to publish to an e-book!

You are cordially invited to be an esteemed Sponsor, and here are reasons why.

Firstly, Mackinac is the setting behind this story.
To boot, the story shares a specific Island experience — gazes at this side of annual sailboat races.

Secondly, I love privately-owned businesses — that Mackinac Island is all about.
And I know, your business is part of the Mackinac Island story.

Thirdly, this e-book premiere publication is to be privately-funded — by businesses like yours,
to make this a fabulous match.
The story featured compliments unique aspects of the Island, and your unique business can also be part of the book.

As a Two Words in the Wind premiere e-book publication Sponsor,
you will enjoy esteem that includes
Your business logo within the actual e-book  — via the “Sponsor credit” pages.

B. Your business logo with link to your website — on our website page that showcases the e-book.
C. Option to be part of the first Podcast that presents this e-book.

More specifically
A. Your business logo on our e-book that will be available via our website, via, and other e-book directories.

B. Your logo with link to your website, on our website page that showcases the e-book.
Here, folks may see your Sponsor logo, and may click to link to your website.
C. Add sound bite to your Sponsorship!
— This option includes your business name plus URL info honorable mention on the initial “Jacquee T. Detours” Podcast episode that announces the e-book publication.
● “Jacquee T. Detours” Podcasts are available via Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), plus other favorite Podcast APPs.

This Sponsorship is available to businesses that have websites, not for Facebook-only pages. In honor of the sailing-community aspect of the story, Sponsorship categories are titled Alee and Ahoy.

Please link here for  detailed information: Jacquee T. e-book Premiere Sponsorship.


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