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Fun! Here are the winners for the latest Fun & Prizes Contest to win the Prize — tickets to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival!
Winners claim your tickets by Midnight, Sunday September 22nd 2019

See below — the “Fun & Prizes — September 20th 2019” Announcement. (Contest now closed.)




Hello, folks!
Press the PLAY button above to hear about your chance to win two tickets to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival!

Please COMMENT below — via the instructions in the recording — by 9 p.m. tonight Central Time USA!

*You gotta check back later for the announcement of winners — on this page, and on the ‘A romantic in Kansas’ Facebook Page.

40 thoughts on “Fun & Prizes — enter for RenFest Tickets”

      1. I love everything about the ren fest. My grandma and I went every year since I was in 5th grade. And when my husband and I got together we went every year and did until we moved 7 years ago. We are moving back next week and hope we can go. The last time we went a man priest married us again and it was so romantic and special. Nothing official but it was perfect in a little spot down a back way and was full of flowers and he gave my husband a rose to give to me that he married us with. This is our 18 th anniversary and would love to go.

      2. I love how friendly everyone is, all the great outfits, all the wonderful shops, great shows, and cant forget all of rhe amazing food and drinks.

        1. I love getting to spend a day in the realm of the festival, no real world worries and lots of fun to be had for all, I love making wax hands but also enjoys the shows and everyone’s commitment to the festive spirit!

  1. What I love about the KCRenFest is that there is something for every single member of the family to do. We love going and seeing all the little shops and eating out favorite turkey legs😁

  2. What I love about ren fest is all the amazing people, no one seems to be angry or talking about problems and issues in the world, they are all just so dang happy. I also love seeing the smile on my little girls face cause of the fun she is having. I love the stuff that they teach there the simple better beautiful times in the world!

  3. What I love about the KC Renfest is the atmosphere and the people there and you know you will always have a good time and that any age can enjoy it

  4. What I love most about the Kansas City Ren Fest is the atmosphere! Its so boisterous and you can feel the energy before you even walk through the gates! Its definitely a cherished family time event in our household.

  5. I love how its like stepping back into time! I love the washing well wenches show!! I love the food and vendors. Walking around with a scotch egg and apple cider while losing myself in between the acts is my all time favorite. Ive gonce since i was 1. 24 years strong. Its a home away from home and i always try to go. This year havent been able too so far! 🙁

  6. The kansas city renaissance festival is fun for all ages. I love being able to step back in time and be emerged in the acts. I have to recommend the washing well wenches! The food is always divine. Walking around the festival with a scotch egg and an appe cider is the icing on the cake for my experiences!

  7. What I love about The Renaissance festival to me is going back to a time of freedom, magic and just being yourself. When I walk into the gates, I feel like I’ve stepped back in time where it all began.

  8. I love the crowd participation at all of the stage shows, especially when people have to do embarrassing things like at the Washing Wenches show! 🤣

  9. The Renaissance festival is pure magic. The atmosphere, the actors, the food, and just being able to
    have clean family fun. My children love being able to dress up and be part of the fun. Thank you for
    letting the children and adults just believe that anything is possible if you just get out there3 and do it!

  10. I love i can take my dog! I love the women who run the gazebo that help us year after year!
    Jasmine becket-griffith Strangelings booth.
    I love going early morning and waking up with the village!

  11. I love everyone’s happiness,seeing all the kids laughing and playing without there electronics!!! I love the actors and actresses with how committed they are to the whole thing. I absolutely love everything about ren fest! I can’t wait to go again!

  12. I love watching my kids interact with the actors!! Last year my daughter was chosen to receive the Queen’s favor from the knight at the joust and she was so excited. She was crowned the Queen of Love and Beauty for the day. Later as we walked by the Queen, she recognized my daughter and spoke to her for several minutes. My daughter couldn’t stop smiling!!

  13. I love the atmosphere. It allows people to walk into another world full of magic and fun! The vendors are also amazing. The talent at the festival is incredible

  14. I love the crafts, the people and the performers. It truly believe KC Renfest does a great job transforming fantasy into reality.

  15. What I really enjoy about the Kansas City Renaissance Festival is the illusion of actually being in the Renaissance period. The actors work hard at staying in character and really involving the patrons.
    It’s a lot of fun to cheer on your favorite night in battle and sitting down to eat with my family at The White Stag for dinner or sit together and laugh at the mud show. Or when my daughter was tiny and she would dress as a little fairy and go visit with the fairies in the fairy realm.

    1. I haven’t been able to go to renfest for a long time I would love to take my granddaughter shes never been. I really miss those turkey legs

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