Visit Dorothy’s home!

In the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and in the movie, the heroine of the story, Dorothy, is from Kansas. Yet neither the book nor the movie determine exactly where in Kansas is her home.

City of Liberal leaders took action to remedy this. In the 1980’s, they petitioned Governor John Carlin to recognize Liberal as Dorothy’s hometown – and the governor made it official.

Residents and benefactors joined forces to present Dorothy’s House & the Land of Oz. This includes touring a real house from the era Dorothy would have lived, followed by a walk through the 5,000 square-foot Land of Oz. Dorothy herself hosts the tours – personified by young ladies wearing her hairstyle and her familiar blue-and-white checkered dress.

Liberal is near the southwest corner of Kansas.

There’s no place like home!
And you may step foot into Dorothy’s home here

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