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______________________ October 9th 2019

CLOSED. Here is the announcement with the Winners: “Fun with Words Winners.”
Below are the Contest Details:

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The KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! (.com) “Fun & Prizes”
series features having FUN with chances to win PRIZES!

Presently we are having FUN via chances to win the feature PRIZE — two tickets to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, endearingly known as RenFest.

Today it’s all about WORDS!

O, yes! You are invited to have Fun with Words, via a the ‘Love for Words’ section on my website, entitled KANSAS IS ROMANTIC!

The contest is open now until 3 p.m. today, Central Time USA,

What to do for your chance to win a pair of tickets:
1. Peruse the ‘Love for Words’ Feature Words section, find Words that appeal to you, and read their Entry pages.
2. Comment on this page  — with your favorite Word or Words in a sentence.
3. Five winning sentences will be selected, and the entrants will each win a pair of tickets to the Renaissance Festival! Winners will be announced later today.

*If you are a winner, you must respond by 5 p.m. Central Time tomorrow, October 1oth, to claim your prize!*

Ready? Okay:
Link here to begin perusing: ‘Love for Words’ Feature Words.
● Come back to this Page to submit your Sentence via the Comment Section below.

20 thoughts on “Fun & Prizes — Love for Words”

  1. I love the word “no -see-ums” because it reminds me of a Backyardigans cartoon episode my kids watched repeatedly. My wife and I would tease them about the invisible tiny pests and tickle them we tried to “save” them from the “no-see-ums”.

  2. I have always loved the word “ephemeral” as it reminds me of the fleeting beauty of lilacs and their lovely scent which would linger in the yard of the home in which I raised my children.

  3. I have always loved the word “ambient”, it always reminds me of the noise my family makes. I have a big family and when we all get together, sometimes I just sit and listen to the wonderful sound that they make. It is an ambient noise that soothes my soul. Wouldnt trade my family for anything in the world.

  4. I have always been fascinated by the word forte. Foreign languages are definitely not my forte but I love to try.

  5. Harvest Moon three glowing nights- The Harvest Moon is “featured” in the sky three days because of this particular time of year and the earth’s position with the moon.

  6. I would like to bequeath tickets to my daughter who didn’t get to attend the ephemeral Ren Fest with us this past weekend and revel in the ambient forest! She would be zingy!

  7. As I find myself mooning over the copper ring you gave me, simple and inexpensive, I know you’re the one.

  8. I love the word revel.

    When I am in the presence of others I want to revel in their creative and intellectual fullness, and wrap myself in their uninhibited social warmth.

  9. Harken, the ubiquitous moxie of all those who revel in the yester ambience of the Renaissance Fair, but fail to realize that their sentences may be futile when I usurp this contest.

  10. I love how one word, weltschmerz, can convey so much. It literally translates to world-pain, but denotes a deep sadness about the inadequacy or imperfection of the world. I think this is a feeling that most people can relate to.

  11. Michelle Stutzman

    The ren fest has been a fun place to spend time and get good seats and great music and loads of fun with your family and friends.

  12. I love the words “no -see-ums” when my dad and I would go fishing we would always go home with all kinds of bites on our legs and we would say that it was the “no -see-ums” that got to us.

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