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______________________ October 9th 2019

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Earlier today I hosted a “Fun & Prizes” contest featuring “Fun With Words” with chance to win tickets to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Contestants were challenged to use one or more of the KANSAS IS ROMANTIC!(.com) ‘Love for Words’ Featured Words in a sentence.
Folks posted fun and fabulous submissions, among select ‘Love for Words featured Words!

Here are the winners, and the sentences they submitted.

“I love the word “no -see-um” because it reminds me of a Backyardigans cartoon episode my kids watched repeatedly. My wife and I would tease them about the invisible tiny pests and tickle them we tried to “save” them from the “no-see-ums.
——— Kris Theilen, via ‘Love for Words’ entry page:

Harken, the ubiquitous moxie of all those who revel in the yester ambience of the Renaissance Fair, but fail to realize that their sentences may be futile when I usurp this contest.”
———Joel Weir, via ‘Love for Words entry pages:
● ubiquitous
● futile

  “As I find myself mooning over the copper ring you gave me, simple and inexpensive, I know you’re the one.”
———Kemon Gallagher, via ‘Love for Words entry page:
‘moon’, a sentimental action

“I would like to bequeath tickets to my daughter who didn’t get to attend the ephemeral RenFest with us this past weekend and revel in the ambient forest! She would be zingy!”
———Kelly Colvin, via ‘Love for Words’ entry pages:


 “I love how one word, weltschmerz, can convey so much. It literally translates to world-pain, but denotes a deep sadness about the inadequacy or imperfection of the world. I think this is a feeling that most people can relate to.”
———Taylor Chanay, via ‘Love for Words’ entry page:

Winners — respond by 5 p.m. Central Time USA tomorrow, October 10th to claim your prize!
The best way to respond:
— Message the Facebook Page,
romantic in Kansas.

To do so, click on the “Send Message” button beneath the profile image.


More Fun info:

The Hat’ drawing coming soon!

To check out today’s initial contest announcement, including all the sentences submitted, link here: Fun & Prizes: Fun with Words!
Tomorrow afternoon, I will post winners from “The Hat”  each to win tickets to RenFest this weekend.
“The Hat” is where I virtually put names of previous Contestants who did not win the prize that time — and offer them a second chance to win tickets by virtually drawing names from it.
Be aware, and ready to respond within a limited time!


Thank you to our participating Sponsor:
Kansas City Renaissance Festival!

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