The Hat drawing — for final RenFest weekend

___________________________________ October 10th, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have one more RenFest
weekend this year.
And I’ve had so much fun via RenFest fans joining the KANSAS IS ROMANTIC!(.com) Fun & Prizes contests!

For each one it was difficult to choose winners among all the fabulous entries. And, it behooves me to bring out “The Hat.”

“The Hat” is where I virtually put names of previous Contestants who did not win the prize that time, and/or of folks who commented on the Fun & Prizes posts — and draw names of new winners.

Here’s the thing: You gotta respond ASAP. See below.

Today’s winners:
Candice McGlone
Anisa Osborne
James C Sherman Jr.
Candi Curts
Jacob Roland

Aw. let’s go one more time for the Fun & Prizes RenFest tickets 2019 GRAND FINALE!

More ‘The Hat’ winners:
Elizabeth Robertson
Jessie Kratzer
Jenny Nash
Christopher Sims Jr.
Stephanie Wood

Winners – claim your Prize by 9 p.m. today, October 10th 2019!
I am traveling for a long weekend, and can secure tickets to those who respond by this time!

To claim your Winning tickets:
— Message the Facebook Page, romantic in Kansas.

To do so, click on the “Send Message” button beneath the profile image.


Bonus: Here’s a previous ‘The Hat’ drawing. If you are one of the winners who did not yet respond — grab me today. Last chance.
Previous ‘The Hat’ drawing .


Gotta love Earlier Contests and the winners. Lot’s o’ FABULOUS comments:
—  Fun & Prizes Fun with Words
— Fun & Prizes Ladies Day
— Fun & Prizes Gents Day



Thank you to our participating Sponsor:
Kansas City Renaissance Festival!

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