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___________ October 2nd, 2019

Super Fun, and Super Thank You to the Ladies who participated in the contest today! I am so pleased with the Comments because they are all fabulous!
I had the painstaking task of choosing 5 winners among them, and aimed to select a variety of advice and enthusiasm. I share the list below, with their winning Comments.
Three Notes beforehand:

Note to Winners: You need to claim your prize by noon Central Time USA, October 3rd! You may do so by Commenting below, or by messaging me on Facebook via ‘A romantic in Kansas.”
Note to all:
Check out the Winners comments! You are also welcome to scroll to the Comment section below to view the over 100 Comments regarding RenFest tips.
Note to Gents: Your “Gents Day” chance to win tickets will be on Friday!
UPDATE: Not all of the original winners replied within the set amount of time. Here is the REVISED list of winners, including the Replacement Winners and their comments.

Brava, ladies! Here is the list of Winners

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October 2nd, 2019 ___________

The KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! (.com) “Fun & Prizes” series features having FUN with chances to win PRIZES!

Today is LADIES Day!
O, yes! In this contest Ladies only have chance to win a pair of tickets to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

What to do for your chance to win a pair of tickets:
1. Respond, in Comments below, to this Feature Question:
What would you offer as a tip or recommendation for RenFest goers, that would help maximize their merriment at the Festival?
2. This Contest closes at 6 p.m. Central Time USA today — so be sure to respond by then!
3. Five Ladies will each win a pair of tickets to the Renaissance Festival! Winners will be announced later this evening.

Ready, ladies? ….. Let’s have fun!


Thank you to our participating Sponsor:
Kansas City Renaissance Festival!


108 thoughts on “Fun & Prizes — for the LADIES”

  1. I have always enjoyed the festival. The only thing I might recommend is to not go if it had been raining and you have little ones that require a stroller. It’s not the easiest the navigate if it’s super muddy. Other than that just have a blast. I love everything about it!!!

    1. Plan your trip! Download the guide for all the shows and a map. Then decide what shows or acts you want to catch to maximize your time and enjoyment.

      1. The festival is entertainment overload! I’d recommend looking online and getting tickets in advance for whatever “extra” activity you’re planning on! Then I just wander until it’s time.

  2. I would recommend grabbing the daily schedule at the entrance, that way you don’t miss any of the live performances, shows, parades, etc while you’re making your way around! I’d also tell them to plan on spending about $20 per person on food alone. It adds up quickly when you’ve got a large family or group like mine – my husband and I have 4 kids! 😵

    1. I would recommend to start in the back areas first. That way when youare ready to go, you hit all the stops. Get a program and see the times for the shows for the area you are in.

    2. If you’re up for it, dress the part and keep in mind good shoes or boots. This year has been wet and the grounds are muddy. Cash is key if you’re a shopper. Most vendors are cash only, but in a pinch there are atms. There’s so much to experience and enjoy; interacting with the staff really adds to the experience. You will leave smiling and happy!

  3. No matter your costume (or lack of), make sure you wear comfy shoes.

    Oh! And make sure to grab a turkey leg, cuz they’re soooo good!!

  4. Bring cash for spending and see the Embra and Cheeks and Phenix shows! Also wear comfortable shoes/boots as it’s all dirt/mud.

  5. I would totally recommend having the whole family dressing up.. it is soo much fun. I would also suggest trying the Turkey Legs, they are massive and oh so very delicious.

    1. I would recommend somewhat comfy shoes! You may not intend on spending the whole day there but you might! Also, plan to spend about 100 per person between food, drinks and souvenirs and goodies! Dress up too! Makes the whole experience more fun and invites more people to interact with you and make your day more memorable!

  6. I’ve been going since I was little and its always fun but can be stressful. I would recommend researching the themes before hand, there are always different activities per weekend. I loved the witches theme they had last year soo much fun! Bring enough money to try a Turkey leg they are the best!

  7. I always tell people to talk to the vendors about their work. You can learn so much about people that way. Also wear comfortable shoes 🙂

  8. Embrace the atmosphere! Don’t be afraid to join the fun! Dress in costume, eat all of the food, and participate in the acts!

  9. Grab a map and keep track of where you have been. It is easy to skip over fun and neat things when you are walking around. Especially if you go back and forth to the main arena to watch some of the shows.

  10. Get a turkey leg and dont miss the jousting or magic shows! Also spring for a souvenir, I still have mine from when I was a kid and they bring back great memories!

  11. I recommend above all to wear appropriate shoes. It’s unpaved and often muddy trails, so proper footwear is required. Also know you can bring in a backpack and your own water or canteen, snacks etc. So stay hydrated! Consider even bringing a cooler with sandwiches or such and then going back to the car for lunch. You can come and go from the grounds as long as you get your hand stamped.

    Dressing in layers is good for later in the season as the weather and temperature might change throughout the day. And of course sunscreen when it’s sunny out, you’ll be in the sun longer than you realize.

    And most importantly just have fun and get lost in time.

  12. I would recommend stopping and watching the performances and the artisans as much as possible. They are so worth your time and attention! Also, do not leave without eating a turkey leg! (Bring some baby wipes. The last time I was there no one was giving out napkins, and those suckers can get messy!)

  13. I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes because the festival is very large! I also recommend getting there early and staying late, there is so much to see and do, I feel like we never get to fully experience everything.

    The person I would be giving my other ticket to has never gone before, so I’m really hoping to win to surprise her with tickets so she’ll get a chance to fall in love with the RenFest as much as I have over the years.

  14. Anastasia sigfusson

    Always dress comftorable and dont forget to try the turkey legs they are an important part of renfest!! 🙂

  15. Going out to the renfest dress up adds a whole level of fun especially if your doingthe theme for the weekend. Grab a map and show times don’t forget parade is at noon. Depending on what time u get there going right shoots u to alot of food and drinks. The barrel ride is the best. I recommend checking out the clearly guilty band, the mud show is for everyone. The joust is at 1 oclock that also has alot of fun games to play.

    1. I would recommend planning ahead so you can catch as many of the events as possible. Also wear comfortable shoes even if your dress up. The grounds can be muddy at times and you do notbwant your feet nonstop you from having a good time.

  16. Invite friends and family is my first tip! My friends and family have been going to the festival for over 8 years now and it has become an annual tradition of fun, food, laughter and new experiences! It’s a joy to see some people I don’t see but for this special occasion and there’s always something new to check out 😊! I also advise on bringing plenty of water and a backpack or shoulder bag to carry all the goodies you can buy from the awesome vendors! And of course comfortable footwear, check the weather for appropriate attire, and have fun! That’s what ren fest is all about! Fun fun fun!

  17. I would recommend taking the time to visit every vendor at the fair. There are so many wonderful creative folks that come to the festival. They all have unique items that are memorable even if you don’t buy anything. I recommend taking somentime to appreciate the art that people bring and support the artists if you can!

  18. I would recommend an open mind because its not just for nerdy people its great for families even. This is my second year going so im still pretty new.

  19. The mud show is a must see if you’re bringing kids. Also make sure to position yourself in advance for the daily parade (ask a cast member or two where they would recommend posting up). Finally, make sure to get in line for food before 12n, or the lines get long!

  20. I would say, know the schedule so you don’t miss out on any of the events going on. Dressing up always makes it more fun!

  21. I recommended showing up a little early to ensure you’re on time for the festival to open! Remember to check the weather beforehand and pack accordingly. There is nothing quite like being festive and dressing up- just remember to wear comfortable shoes! I would also suggest walking around at least twice (if time allows) as you may miss some of the magic the first trip around! Use your sense of smell to find goodies such as the roasted cinnamon-sugar almonds. Try not to plan “too” much as you can find adventure in every corner!

  22. I recommend simply bringing your loved one’s & enjoying a once in a lifetime experience you’ll can have together!!!

  23. I would recommend starting in the back areas first. Check the times out for the shows for the area you are in.

  24. I suggest grabbing a glass of Mead as often as possible!! Let the kids choose your path and go with the flow (the Mead should help with that, lol).

  25. I’ve only been once, but I would say to walk slow… there’s so many things to see and if you don’t stop to look you might miss something really special!

  26. I would definitely suggest dressing up! Me and my two friends are hand-making our own costumes, we all have been crafting for over a week! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes so you can walk around and see all of the festivities. Story time in mermaid cove is a great for kids and I always make sure to get a picture with free hugs guy! Always make sure you are front and center for the parade and I suggested getting some of their delicious, pickles, turkey legs and many other wonderfully foods. I will be wearing my elven ear cuffs that I got last year along with my hair twist that I got 2 years ago! This will be the last year for me and my friends to see the Renaissance festival before my best friend leaves to join the army. It’s going to be our last big girls trip!

  27. I would recommend spending a whole day at the renaissance festival. Make sure to wear clothing appropriate for the weather, make sure you bring enough money for food and etc. I find the renaissance festival to be a very fun event for the whole family but definitely on the pricier side. All in all checking out all the attractions and such really is a fantastic time so plan on having some fun!

  28. Check the weather forecast before you go and dress accordingly! Some days are super hot, others are cold, and rain is a possibility. You definitely want to be comfortable as this is typically an all day event. Also, get there close to opening time! Better parking spots, usually cooler weather, and less crowded.

  29. I would recommend having really good walking shoes and check out their website or Facebook page for the schedule of events for the day. And most definitely don’t rush through it, enjoy going back in time!

  30. I would recommend getting there for the opening fanfare and making sure that you don’t have any time constraints so that you can peruse and see as many shows as you want! I highly recommend the Swill Pond show, it is by far my favorite and the one that I watch every visit without fail.

  31. I would highly recommend doing your research before arriving to the faire! There are SOOO many amazing events scheduled that you absolutely do not want to miss, so it is best to plan accordingly. I like to look over the food and food locations in addition to events so I can see what is near what and go from there! Type out at least a general idea of what you want to see or eat and keep it handy in your phone notes for easy access! I can’t wait to visit this year!

  32. A tip I would offer to maximize your enjoyment at the Renaissance Festival would be to bring your friends and family along with you. It’s always more fun when you’re with the people that you love to be around! 🤗

  33. Be prepared for weather above all things especially this upcoming weekend! It’s easy to end up muddy and soggy if you don’t prepare! Wear proper shoes, bring a satchel for an umbrella or rain poncho just in case. There is only so many places you can shelter from the rain and you never know when a clear sky will deceive you! That being said though the rain never hurts and sometimes it provides for a good ole fashioned time — do a rain dance! Make the most of it! 🙂

  34. Be sure to grab a program when you first come in. See as many shows as possible. Save the water show for after you see the mud show. If there is even the slightest chance of rain wear boots and bring an umbrella, if it doesn’t rain then you can use the umbrella as a walking stick. Food and souvenirs are not cheap so plan accordingly. If you’re able to dress up. Being in character adds to the fun. Think comicon renaissance style.

  35. Dress up! It doesn’t matter your age, make the most of your time and your imagination is the limit! Be a warrior, an elf, whatever you put your mind to. I love to see people all dressed up in their favorite fantasy apparel, it really brings the whole experience full circle and you can take a lot of great photos for memories that will last a lifetime!

  36. I agree with everyone else who has posted so far. The map is a definite must especially for the larger Renaissance Festivals. However, my recommendation is to just enjoy your time there; soak it all in. I know it sounds kind of obvious but here’s what I mean: the first Renaissance Festival that I went to I tried to do and see literally everything that I could. By doing this I didn’t really get the full experience, I simply got exhausted. See what you can but seriously don’t forget to people watch. Watch the actors definitely, but watch the festival goers as they have carefully put so much time and money into making this whole persona that they are super proud of. Talk to the vendors because they love to talk to you about the festival and give suggestions and really are the most interesting people! Renaissance Festivals are this whole intricate world in which beautiful friendships emerge and strangers are your friends. Soak it all in, don’t just rush through it like it’s a marathon!

    1. It’s definitely tiring pushing a stroller around so if you have a real little one baby wear. If you have littles ones who need to use the bathroom a lot definitely mark on your map highlight on your map where they are the shows are all a lot of fun also. Make sure you have cash for food and drinks.

  37. I would recommend wearing comfortable shoes. And when walking in grab a schedule and go to the right and just walk around and you won’t really miss anything! Make sure you catch the end of the day show by the front gate!

  38. I have never been to a Renascence Festival before, but I’m so looking forward to it. My advice as a first timer it to get there early & stay late. Wear comfortable shoes & take my time so that I can experience everything.

  39. My advice would be the more the merrier! Going to the festival with friends and/or family truly makes the experience an even more incredible one especially if you’re getting dressed up and going all out. You can all get ready beforehand and if you’re not located nearby (I’m like a half hour drive away!) then you can all carpool and have a great time on the way there as well as back in addition to the great time you’re sure to have while you’re actually at the Ren fest! If competitions are your thing too it’s always fun to have other people you know participating as well.

  40. I would reccomend dressing up with your friends/family. It makes the memories so much more fun! Also, take lots and lots of pictures. So fun to look back on!

  41. Check out the shopping opportunities even if you weren’t planning on spending much, sometime they have great deals and I love to support these sellers. I have an ocarina I bought on a whim in a past visit and I still use it regularly! Who knew Ren fest would tempt me to learn an instrument!

  42. Taylor Elizabeth

    I’ve never been to the festival before but I’m looking forward to going this year! Being my first time and looking at the weather I think the best advice is to be prepared for the worst but still expect to have a great time. Bring an umbrella to keep you dry and plan to go to events that might keep you dry and indoors mostly as well haha

    1. Bring a friend! I’ve had the best times at the fair when I have someone with me attending events, watching a good old joust, and enjoying the most indulgent food I can possibly find.

  43. You don’t have to dress up but wow is it fun to get in the mood. Wear comfortable weather proof shoes! Wear a big smile too! Watch as many shows as you can.

  44. I would recommend making a plan of your trip ahead of time so as to be prepared. Check the weather for any possible rain or to dress accordingly. Bring comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet all day. Check out the events scheduled for the day and map.out the times so you can get the most of the experience. Also to know whn you’ll be taking lunch/snack breaks or shopping breaks so you can get the most out of your time there.

  45. Above everything I really love the food at the kc renfestso I would definitely suggest trying something you haven’t before and I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I really look forward to the food here all year until it’s finally time to visit

  46. Grab a guide/schedule of the day’s events. Enjoy all the food and activities and wear comfortable shoes! Such a fun time with family and friends!

  47. Dorothy Kathryn Reno

    Be in the moment! Photos are fun to take especially if you dress up but don’t sit around on your phone the whole time and don’t just view everything through a camera lens. Strike a conversation, use your eyes, enjoy the experience to the best of your ability without technology! To me that’s what the renaissance is all about and you seriously won’t regret it!

  48. dress up, have fun, let loose and enjoy all the food and festivities and be sure to take your family and friends!!!! HUZZAH!!!

  49. Take time to stop and watch the shows. They are amazingly entertaining! EAT! Be active and envolved with your surroundings.

  50. I’ve never been before, so I appreciate this page and the ladies responding, I am taking notes on all of the helpful advice being given.

    I didn’t realize that they allowed you to bring in water to stay hydrated, so I will definitely be doing so. I plan to enjoy the brew, but having water to carry along will also be a big help. I’m looking forward to trying one of the turkey legs the most, I hear the festival has the best around!

  51. Arrive early, when the Festival opens. In addition to beating crowds, you will score better parking. Wear comfortable shoes. Dress up if so inclined. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a good time at the Ren Fest. Take lots of photos. Interact with the different characters. Pick the weekend(s) that interests you the most. Attend the various shows. Stroll through the shoppes. Eat a turkey leg. Wash it down with some honey mead. Get a good spot for the parade. Attend the Queen’s tea. Eat, drink, and be merry.

  52. Definitely check out what is for sale if you’re a fantasy geek like me. Great apparel, accessories, gadgets, books even. If you find yourself stuck between events and you’ve already eaten and need something else to do I love shopping to pass the time cause u really never know what you might find!

  53. Bring water and a snack! I always like to carry a small bag with essentials so that if I’m on the run from one thing to another and don’t have time to stop by a concession area I at least have something to hold me over because trust me there’s so much to do and so little time to do it!!!!!!!

  54. Mingle! I have had some of the best chats ever with random people I have met with similar interests at the Ren fest. I’ve made lifelong friends here and each year I return I hope to make many more. Get out of your comfort zone!

  55. My biggest tip for anyone is to have fun with it! Be in the moment!! Dress up! Stuff a turkey leg down your mouth hole! Toast with the commoners. Bring your character to life. Mingle with the queen and king.

  56. Dress up and embrace the atmosphere! Going to the Renfest is becoming one of my favorite family traditions! It’s such a blast and my daughter is really looking forward to going this year!

  57. Join in on the festivities even if it costs a little extra — the pub crawl type events and the tastings of wine and cheese and the like are always so fun and you always end up in a great group of people interested in the same stuff as you! I learn so much from these little outings and if you have a friend with ya it’s even more fun!

  58. I would recommend bringing the love of your life and when you enter those gates, leave everything else outside…(including your phone ladies!!!) Walk slowly, hand in hand and take it all in. Sit and relax in the huka bar, grab a turkey leg or a bread bowl and watch as the King & Queen & their court travel by…enjoy the jousting match and cheer on either the good or evil…Enjoy every little shop…Watch Robin Hood and his merry men. Enjoy a tankard of Ale if you so wish. Kiss under the the trees and enjoy every little bit of the day….Finish your day off with the dancing and singing of all the Ren-Fest cast and crew outside of the gates. This is the best experience of my end of summer that I have. I love Ren-Fest. We make it our “Romance-Trip” of the year.

  59. Be sure to get there early enough to be able to enjoy the entire day at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and to see everything! Such a fun time!

  60. My recommendation for anyone to experience the full effect and joys of Ren Fest would be to come open minded. Come at opening to enjoy every aspect of this magical time! Be prepared to have a blast from the past with jousting and ax throwing (two of my favorites!). Embrace the beautiful outfits and performances from all of the great people! And most importantly, have fun!

  61. I would definitely recommend wearing comfy shoes and bring cash! Dressing up as super fun and the turkey legs are the best!

  62. I love to go to something new each year that I haven’t been to before, I say that in your free time you should look at the schedule and find something to do that you weren’t planning or usually wouldn’t think to go be a part of, you might really enjoy it and it’s always refreshing in a way to find something new

  63. Make sure to visit each and every both and take the time to watch all of the shows! Go early and stay late. If you don’t see it all go back again!!!!

  64. Roam around and take a moment in your free time to explore — the maps and schedules are helpful but sometimes it’s fun to imagine that this fantasy life is real and you never know what you might stumble upon!

  65. Amanda Mccormick

    I haven’t been in years, but I would recommend checking out the schedules and maps online beforehand! There are so many options and fun things to see, it’s best to create a plan to make sure you don’t miss your must see events!

  66. Wear a kilt! The king will not be pleased with your Scottish attire. Have lots of fun experiencing everything and don’t be affraid to olay along. The food is amazing! You must try the apple cobbler. Also, bring cash… Most places don’t accept credit cards. There is so much to buy and experience.

  67. Wear comfy shoes. You might get muddy as it is rain or shine. Go with an open mind. Dress up if you can. It’s a blast. And last but not least… TURKEY LEG!!!!

  68. Get there before it opens. Plan your path, buy the food coupon book. Relax, slow down and watch the shows, look in each shop and just take in the joy.

  69. Go get cash, get the map at the entrance, and have lots of fun!!! I also recommend tennis shoes so your feet don’t get dirty. Be sure to have your kids get in on the shows and have a turkey leg.

  70. Comfortable shoes and a light jacket that can be carried if it gets to warm. And don’t miss the Jolly Rogers.

  71. Cash and good shoes. Those are usually good advice for any trip where you’ll be wandering around all day. I’ve not been to the KC fest so I cannot be any more specific.

  72. Definitely get there at least 20 minutes before the gates open, for the opening show. Then make sure you grab the guidebook on your way in. Take five minutes to look over the schedule and see the shows you are most interested in. It is always sad to see something later that you realize you would’ve loved, but that you have already missed. Don’t forget to stop along the parade route to watch the whole retching you go by! Definitely look over the food choices, and go with something you might not normally eat. The hamburger and pizza lines are always really long, and you can get those any other time.

  73. My tip is to enjoy as many shows as you can. The performers are amazing. This is their life, and they love sharing it with us. If you can, take some extra money for when they pass around the hat. If you can’t, stay and talk to them. Tell them what you enjoyed. Don’t just hurry off.

  74. Go to their website and download the guide to plan your trip… there are a wide variety of shows and things to do, it helps to have any idea of what all you want to hit up before you arrive. Plan to spend a good chunk of your day there. Have fun!

  75. Wear comfortable clothes and take some sort of bag or backpack for carrying all the goodies you acquire during the day. One more thing, take a break sitting for the Jolly Rogers. Good luck everyone huzzah!

  76. Watch the performances! The food and shopping is great, too but you really get the full experience when you go and see what these people can do! They literally steal the show!

  77. Enjoy every moment there are so many amazing sights and smells. Big or small you will enjoy it all and a little rain never hurts

  78. Check the schedule and at least loosely plan your day. Wear comfy shoes no matter your outfit. And stay hydrated!
    Also, keep tour hands to yourself with works/actors unless you ask permission

  79. Be ready to walk so wear comfy shoes. And try to make it before the parade because it showcases all these people wearing lovely costumes and you really don’t want to miss that.

  80. Leave your phone behind! or on silent! something! unplug! You seriously won’t regret it. i’ve had the best times here when im not constantly holding a phone in my hand, it truly is an experience all its own and you won’t want to miss a second of it!

  81. I recommend taking someone with you has never been! Getting to see their excitement and watch them experience it for the first time is amazing!

    Also, wear comfy shoes. No matter what 😂

  82. Look the KC Ren Fest is the absolute BEST time whether you plan out your every move or not. My sole advice would be to go in and do everything that you can! This only happens one part of each year so make the most of it, maybe you’ll be exhausted at the end of the day but it will be SOOO worth your while. I can’t stress this enough! If you have a period where you’re doing nothing at this festival then you’re doing something wrong! LOL

  83. I recommend you decide what is most important to see because there is so much going on on stages and you could miss some awesome shows if you don’t pay attention. We love the human chess and the tricks of light show and we make sure we hit them everytime.

    1. Actually question here as well, I wanted these for my cousin but do I have to be there myself to get the tickets or are they sent virtually? I’ve already been twice this year so I wanted to let her and her beau have a spin on the fest XD

      1. Hi Liz, YOU won the tickets with a fabulous comment, and yes I will be happy to, per your request, honor the tickets for your cousin Could you or your cousin message me on FB: Link to the “Send Message” button so I may get the info needed to get the tickets to you.

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