24 thoughts on “Fun & Prizes — chance to win tickets today!”

  1. Would love to win tickets to the KC Ren Fest!! Our family throughly enjoys every aspect of the festival. It’s a memorable experience and a wonderful way to spend a day. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!! Huzzah!!

  2. It’s awesome being transported back in time, reveling in the costumes, smells, sights!! Not to mention I love to browse the shops😁 Especially the stained glass shop!!!

  3. I have never been. Going to be in KC the weekend of 9-28 and the plan is to go to the festival! It would be great to win tickets! Pick me!

  4. Would love to win tickets to RenFest been going there since I can remember and I would love to share the experience with my Fiance.

    1. I would love to win this for my girlfriend. Things have been a bit hard with me losing my job. She had been nothing but supportive and this would be great for the two of us.

  5. Claire Tourtillott

    My husband and I have never been to RenFest, we would love to go this year and take our “almost” 3 year old who is obsessed with everything Renfest. –

  6. My little family goes to the Ren Fest every year. We have made it a tradition and cant wait to again this year! My daughter is looking foward to sharing the experience with her little brother!

  7. Ahh!! Yay! A chance to win tickets, I’ll take it! Honestly didn’t know about this website until I saw the link for the romanic Renaissance fest weekend on Facebook. After perusing the menu of topics and articles I will be bookmarking this site for further use 🙂 The chance to win tickets to renfest is an added bonus. Me and my daughter have made it a tradition (she’s 6) to dress up and shop the vendors adding to our outfits every year! So far her favorite keepsake is the bird whistle we got for her 2 years ago! Plan on going this weekend fingers crossed the rain stays away!!

  8. My wife has brought me and my daughter to the Renaissance Festival for the past 2 years and it would fill her heart if I was to surprise her with tickets this year. It’s quite expensive when we’re on a budget but absolutely worth the experience. We especially love the different shows and musical performances. Our favorite last year was the bag pipes!

  9. Ren fest is my favorite event of the year. I have taken all the kids in my family. Baby cousins nieces and nephews. Would love to win tickets so I can afford to have an adult only trip for once. 😆

  10. I’m planning on going to the festival this weekend! I always have a wonderful time and even after spending the entire day there, I leave thinking there’s still so much to see! How the theme is different every weekend and all the different shows, musical, comedic l, magic! My granddaughter insist on wearing a princess costume every year and loves to get her face painted!

  11. My favorite article on your website is the word of the day article about the Harvest Moon. It talks about how farmers for centuries would use it for planting and etc. But it means to me that Fall is finally in the air. Pumpkins, fall leaves, and of course the Renaissance Festival! Absolutely love this time of year!!

  12. I have yet to experience the Renaissance Festival but I am doing whatever I can to make it this year, hopefully this will give me the opportunity to do so!!

  13. I wish i could go to renfest this year! I am working part time while I intern for my completion of my masters degree in counseling psychology. My checks are barely enough to cover my portion of rent and bills. Maybe next year! (if i dont win)

  14. We have been going since I was a little girl with my mother and grandmother.. my grandma and mother have both passed and would love to take my 14 year old to the RenFest for some fun. RenFest is the best for the whole family.

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