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September 15th, 2019
Pronounced [JAHK-nd] or [JO-knd], jocund describes humor in use.

Definition via the online English-Word Information
1. Cheerful and full of good humor

2. Sprightly and lighthearted in disposition, character, or quality
3. Full of gladness and gaiety; mirthful

More intimately:
‘Jocund’ joins three Classical Latin origin influences
1) It joins the words jocus meaning “joke”

2) and jocundus meaning “pleasant.”
3) Jucundus comes from juvare, meaning “to help.”

So, ‘jocund’ means in a sense to help a situation, with a pleasant sense of humor, or to appeal through blatant jokes. ‘Tis in a positive nature, via Classical Latin “to help,” and energetic via modern definitions including “sprightly” and “mirthful.”

‘Jocund’ may describe a person, or a situation.

Usage examples
● Attorney LLoyd gave a jocund introduction in his speech by telling a lawyer joke, and found that it warmed the audience to listen to his position regarding contemporary issues.

● Aunt Polly had a jocund nature, that their mother seemed to receive illy.
● Herb took a flight home for Thanksgiving. and anticipated jocund conversation at the supper table. Sure enough, as soon as they were taking seats at the table, family members began recalling distant memories and spouting inside jokes.

Do you know someone who has a jocund air?


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  1. This is a perfect for how I feel at Ren fest. Ren fest is my favorite event of the year. I have taken all the kids in my family. Baby cousins nieces and nephews. Would love to win tickets so I can afford to have an adult only trip for once. 😆

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