Love to Blog — ‘Establish Your Blog’ course

Love to Blog!
Begin from the Beginning Course


Have you thought about hosting a Blog?

Do you feel you have a message to share? Knowledge to impart? Stories to tell?

People host Weblogs, or in short Blogs, as an outlet to share:

Your weblog could be your veritable journal of stories to tell, or your newsletter, or a fine combination thereof.

It could be public for all the World-Wide Web to access, or private per your organization, or per family and friends.

You could host your blog as a leading voice to present your passion via
a specific subject or category
your business happenings
private group updates and news.

Your Blog could be anything you want – yet the kernel of all of this is, you gotta

Love to Blog!

How do you know if you do? I can help you with that!

My name is Jackie, and I host an in-person course to help you establish your Blog concept and mission.

I instruct this course as:
a seasoned writer – published authoress, and former newspaper columnist – for the writing and creative aspect of presenting a Blog
 a website and Podcast hostess – for embracing your online persona
 and social media marketer – for engaging your followers.

I will guide you in creating and establishing your own Blog. All classes are small groups of 1-5 students, so you receive personalized attention in addressing your Blog concept!

You are cordially invited to sign up for ‘Love to Blog’ class.

Here are the details.


Fee: $295.00 per person.
Three sessions, once per week.
Intimate. One-two people — 1½ hours per session.
Intimate attention.
Group. Three-five people at 2 hours per session.
Group supportive endeavor, in an intimate group.

Plan on homework between classes!

Sessions accommodate the pace and needs for each Group or Intimate class. Here are examples of items covered during the course:
Begin from the Beginning — Build your Blog foundation. Identifying your Blog subject, for example, the concept, the mission, your intended audience.
Establishing content — Planning subjects for posts, and visuals to accompany your Blog.
Writing and editorial — Feedback on posts you share during class, pointers in being creative and true to your voice, and editorial tips.
Introduction to technological aspects — including options in choosing the online platform for your Blog, and using online tools to enhance your Blog posts.
Tips and tactics’ — creative boosts and time-savers while composing your Blog posts.

By the completion of this course, you will have an intimate understanding of what it takes to host a Blog, and be able to decide if or not you will Love to Blog!

Depending on your comfort level in the technological aspects and in writing, you may decide to DIY launch your Blog from here, or take an Encore Course designed to launch your Blog in class.



You have an idea to Blog.  Sign up for classes now and your Blog will be a feature subject at the Thanksgiving table.
It could be launched by this festivity, or in pre-launch stage. Both ways are Win-Win! You will have a captive audience at your fingertips ready to spread the word, and to offer feedback.
To boot, the holiday season is an ideal time to announce your Blog launch in your social media.

Location and Schedule

Love to Blog! classes are held in downtown Topeka, Mondays through Thursdays, and are scheduled on a first-come, first-reserved basis.

Ready to Sign Up?
Call or text me at (312) 953-9463
— or fill out this form: Love to Blog! Sign-Up

I look forward to Blogging with you!


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  1. J.T.
    Your ‘Love to Blog!’ marketing/promotional piece completely captures the essence of the Weblog Training you guided me through this course. My experience is that you informed us well, kept us on track and made us accountable for the assignments for each of the classes. I am fully trained and prepared to begin my blog.

    Thank you for sharing your gift of words!

    J.W. — Passionate About Yoga

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