Note from Jacquee T.

Dear Friends,
KANSAS IS ROMANTIC!” is hosted by me. I came to Kansas from Chicago via my signature “Writer in Residence” expedition. This to get on the road and write about the destinations I visit.
     My roots stem to southeast Minnesota, where I grew up in the country. I moved to Madison, Wisconsin to attend the University. There I also enjoyed extensive experience in professional theatre, including scripted and improvisational performances at Ark Repertory Theatre. And I engaged as voice characters in scripted radio shows on the local PBS radio station.

     I moved to Chicago to imbibe in the urban lifestyle. While there I published my first novel A Poet’s Moon and my poetry book Growing Up (the pain, the joy, the discoveries.). I was a freelance writer, and eventually was hired as the columnist for “Letter from Chicago,” published by SNG Newspapers.
     All my life I was inspired to write. And I came to realize that I’m a romantic by nature.
     I also came to realize that everyone is a romantic! … and that in this buzzing modern day, most folks need to be reminded of it. I am here to remind you that you are romantic, and to represent how easy ’tis to engage in that part of yourself.
     My center message about living life romantically is to look to your immediate environment to find what inspires the romantic in you. KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! features looking to Kansas and what it has to inspire the romantic in you. This while I am here, exploring the Sunflower State, and sharing via my romantic’s perspective.
In being romantic
     I embrace classic romance, and refer to “Ladies and Gentlemen.” This to respectfully address website visitors, and listeners to my Podcast.
     I refer to myself as an authoress and poetess via my published works, and an actress via my performances. This to distinguish being a woman in these professions. At the same time, to celebrate men – to honor their masculine identities as authors, actors.
     O yes, men are men and women are women! ’Tis to be celebrated, and that remains in the undertones, throughout my hosting this series.
     Yet in this website overall I host a romantic attitude — about life and about Kansas.

Being romantic is being engaged in your surroundings. This could be flowery, earthy, urban, or gritty. There is nothing fluffy about it, unless you chase dandelion spores in the wind.


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