About ‘A romantic in Kansas’

A romantic in Kansas is a Radio Podcast episode hosted by
Jacquée T.!

It stems from her being a newcomer to Kansas from Chicago, via her signature “Writer in Residence” expedition. This started as an on-the-road venture, hosted on her website A Romantic’s Perspective.

While Miss T. traveled areas of Kansas she explored the places she visited, plus researched aspects of the entire Sunflower State — as a novelist, a former newspaper columnist, and romantic by nature.

Miss T.’s first ever Radio Podcast was titled “A romantic moment, by Jacquée T.,” that aired during the Frankie C. show, Saturday afternoons on WREN Internet Radio. From there, she heard from listeners requesting that she begin her own Podcast.

She responded to the popular demand by launching a Podcast network, Jacquée T. Detours. But of course, it behooved her to include a Kansas-specific program.

Now, Miss T. shares perspectives, announcements and features as
‘A romantic in Kansas.’ This is represented by her hand-drawn Sunflower next to a heart.

‘Tis an extension of the “Jacquée T. Detours” Podcast Radio network, that is available online and via your mobile device! Episodes are supported by fabulous Sponsors, based in Kansas!

The latest episodes are also available on the WREN Digital Media Home Page.


1 thought on “About ‘A romantic in Kansas’”

  1. At my age, I am new to the podcast trend, but my youngest sister (18 years difference in age) is a grade school teacher, and she is always posting that her favorite thing to do is to listen to her favorite website podcasts. Sooo, that being said… drum roll please… YOURS is the FIRST PODCAST that this 63 year old woman has ever listened to! I love your accent, Jacquee! I could listen to you read a grocery list, and think it was ‘A romantic in Kansas’. Honestly, I enjoyed listening to it, and the music! I will be back to listen to more… and perhaps I can tell my baby sister that I have a favorite podcast, too, now! Thanks for doing this!

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