Cabin Fever Series — The Springtime Remedy

From the “Jacquée T. Detours” program: the Cabin Fever mini series!


The vast “Stay at Home” rule has given us Cabin Fever like we could not have anticipated!

Jacquée T. presents a new podcast mini series to offer Cabin Fever remedies, and Cabin Fever views from individuals and business owners.

This all to focus on a positive attitude, a sense of togetherness, and anticipating moving forward.


This episode features The Springtime Remedy!

Encouraging folks to partake in the Springtime Remedy that is at our fingertips, and how it is a hearty remedy.

Also includes:
● Phone interviews regarding a Cabin Fever view from California, and a “business” Cabin Fever view from our feature sponsor.
● A song performance by our guest musician, Jesse Charbonier.

This Premiere Cabin Fever series is brought to you by fabulous Sponsors that are privately-owned businesses, and that are strongholds during the pandemic and the Stay-At-Home rules.

Check them out!

The Tasteful Olive has boutiques in Topeka and Overland Park, Kansas.
They also host an online boutique, and ship throughout the United States.

TIMELESS aromantics
has a boutique in South St. Paul, Minnesota.

They also host an online store, and ship throughout the United States.


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