Men and women alike respond passionately to the poems, quotes and essays in Jacquée T.’s book Growing Up (the pain, the joy, the discoveries). Whether or not they are avid poetry readers, people have expressed feeling inspired.

“I call it ‘accessible poetry,’” says Jacquée T. “The poems are easy to read and engaging. I find that people get their own, personal translations from them, and I love that.”

Displays beautifully to share!

The Book Is Designed as a Keepsake
It’s a small 7″x 7″ cloth hardcover with a silk screen title and spine. It has a beautiful book jacket and a red ribbon bookmark.

The book design makes it an elegant display for the coffee table or nightstand. This not only adds elegance to the room decor; it also encourages sharing the book. The red ribbon bookmark allows people to mark. and therefore tacitly suggest, their favorite poems.
The poems, quotes and essays range from a sense of humor to somberness, and are divided into four chapters:
Grey Blue Skies
Moods and Changes
Miss Thomas explains how the poetry book came about, and her first experiences in sharing these poems.

That is yet another part of the book with which folks may identify.
Growing Up is a collection of Miss Thomas’s personal reflections, yet it appeals to people per their own experiences.


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Remote times
During this time that we spend the majority of our days in isolation — you could order
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*If this is something you want to do, go through the first purchase process to order your own;
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This one —

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