‘A romantic pause’ in 2020

Dear television program directors,
     I host a series of websites and Podcasts emphasizing that life is romantic! and it is as simple as your attitude to add a bit o’ romance to your everyday.
     I would like to extend this to TV segments. Would you be interested in a mini segment on your show?
     The concept that I propose stems from my series “A romantic moment, by Jacquée T.” that aired Saturdays on WREN Internet Radio, based in Topeka.
This was a three-five minute segment where I featured a subject and presented ways to incorporate it into your lifestyle to make life overall more romantic.
Examples of feature subjects:
“Build a candle supply” for romantic ambiance anytime,
“The politeness importance” reminders and nudges for common courtesy in modern day
and of course,
“Celebrate Valentine’s Day!” because this holiday is not a greeting-card holiday; it has significant roots, back to St. Valentine, in celebrating romantic love.

     “A romantic moment” was part of Frankie C.’s “Jenny Wren Café” show. When Frankie retired the show, I put aside romantic moment. As by then, I had heard from listeners who requested I present my own Podcast, and began “Jacquée T. Detours” available on iTunes (now Apple Podcasts), and most online and mobile Podcast directories.
     That said, Frankie C. was elated with romantic moment, as were the sponsors. Listeners responded with enthusiasm to this regular dose of romance!

Here are a few examples of radio episodes:


1. From the ‘A romantic moment, by Jacquee T. ‘ series: “Begin with You.”
✽ ❤ ✽


2. From theA romantic moment, by Jacquee T. ‘ series: The Little Things.
✽ ❤ ✽


3. From the ‘A romantic in Kansas” series: “Three Things I love about Kansas.”
*The main features begins 3:42 minutes in.*
✽ ❤ ✽


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