2019 Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Walk among Lords and Ladies of the Renaissance era. Site King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Parr. Be witness to Knights jousting. Take a Camel Ride, and test your skills in the “Battle Axe Throwing Lanes.”
     The 42nd annual Kansas City Renaissance Festival runs weekends August 31st–October 14th, plus Labor Day and Columbus Day.
     General admission each day includes parking, all Stage Shows, wandering entertainment, and theme weekend events, for example “Swashbucklers & Sirens,” and “Oktoberfest.”
     Guests may also enjoy signature Faire Food, perusing the Artisan Marketplace, and signing on for special activities like the “Royal Pub Crawl,” or “Mead & Chocolate Tasting.”
     For detailed information, and to order your passes, visit KCRenFest.com.

26 thoughts on “2019 Kansas City Renaissance Festival”

  1. Teresa Higgins

    Renaissance is my favourite time of the year. It helps that my bday falls during this time. Can hardly wait to go this year

  2. OH, MY GOODNESS….. Would you PLEASE send me info on the “Wedding of the Century event!”…I am wondering if “Renewal of Vows” are going to be included in this. My husband and I LOVE the Kansas City Renaissance Festival!!! He just had a 5-Way By-Pass and I want for us to renew our vows this year. This would be the most AWESOME place to do it. PLEASE e-mail me and let me know. Thank you SO much.

    1. This sounds so ver-ly romantic, and I will do what I can to get the Wedding of the Century info to you. Am aiming to get a reply to you tomorrow (Monday). The folks the Renaissance Festival will best be able to offer you details.
      Meanwhile, I wish you and your darling a fine evening!

  3. PLUS,,,,both of our birthdays are on the same day…Sept. 19th…during Ren-Fest time. OH, would be SO AWESOME.

  4. I would love to go to the Renaissance. I have never been I’ve had a lot of people tell me how much fun it is. Just really haven’t had the money to go dang bills for some reason landlord wants the rent electric seems to think it’s more important to pay them instead of enjoying the Renaissance imagine that LOL. Oh well maybe this year we might be able to attend. Everyone have a great day

    1. Hi Candi, stay in touch with KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! (.com). We will have chances to win tickets from now till the end of September. We’ll post them on our Facebook page, and in the website “Announcements” section.

  5. Love and look forward to this every year. The food is amazing and diverse. The historical accuracy of the living history actors is fantastic. Games, shows, acts, and performers are always top notch entertainment. And the artist are always my faves. Find items here every year I cannot find anywhere else.

  6. The Renaissance Festival is an amazing place. I loved the one and only time my husband got to go. I only wish we could afford to go back sometime.

  7. My husband and I met at the KC Renaissance Fest and have loved our tradition of going back each year to reminisce. Such a fun event!

    1. I love the Kansas City Renaissance festival. I am a avid reader and love to get lost in a good book. Kc Ren Fest is like opening a book for me. From the time you walk up to the gate the story starts to unfold. The king amd queen welcoming everyone at there start of the day. To the knights joust to close the day. Its all surreal and wonderful. So glad to be part of a community that supports this group every year. Thank you to all the workers , vendors, actors, and even the office staff. You all are amazing and keep up the hard work.

  8. The Renaissance Festival is the only place that I have been where when I enter the gates I immediately breathe a sigh of relief and feel the stress of the outside world go away. It renews and uplifts me and when I leave I feel a refreshed sense of hope and strength that (hopefully) will get me through until the next festival.

  9. Danielle Freeman

    The KC renaissance festival can bring the romance in a way other places can’t. Walking through nature sipping on festive drinks, sharing a unicorn sundae with that special someone while faeries flit around, or listening to bawdy pirate acts and doing a pub crawl with your sweetie are just some of the ways to have a romantic day with your loved one.

  10. I absolutely love attending the KC Renaissance Festival! I especially want to attend this year with my boyfriend who is super excited for it. We hope to be able to go and also attend some of the daily events like the pub crawl! Leading up to the Ren Fest has also been super fun for us. We really want to dress up this year, and have decided to try and make our costumes ourselves. This has included multiple trips together to fabric stores and thrift stores as well as brainstorming together for ideas for costumes. I am definitely looking forward to spending time together at the festival.

    1. You and your darling are indeed romantic! Love how you are working together to assemble your own costumes. Vintage boutiques, fabric stores, make a fine combination. And a great mission for you to share together.

  11. I’ve only been to RenFest once but it was so fun and amazing! I’m hoping to bring my kiddos this year at least once for this season. We’re from Emporia so it’s a little bit of a trip. So worth it though! We would love to win the tickets ❤ and would be super grateful!

  12. This is one of the best events in the city! I love to go every year even since I moved to Iowa. The people are kind and engaged in making everything seam so real. The attractions are to die for. My favorite show is the tricks of light on the dragon breath stage. Tricks of light does a beautiful and engaging fire show far beyond any other I have ever seen anywhere else it is riveting! There is shopping, food and drink of all kinds, and games to play. I love to dress up and next time I go I plan to dress as a Viking but it is not necessary just a little extra fun.

  13. Claire Tourtillott

    My husband and I would love to take our *almost* three year old son. We have never been before, but know this would be a great time for the family and give us a reason to get out of Wichita for the weekend!

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