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Love for Words — whence

March 1st 2020 ___ ‘From where’ quantifies the meaning behind the tiny and dramatic word, whence. defines “whence” and gives usage examples: 1. from what place?: Whence comest thou? 2. from what source, origin, or cause?: Whence has he wisdom? American Heritage Dictionary defines “whence” and gives usage examples: 1. From where; from what …

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Antipathy — no sympathy here

December 15th, 2019 ___ Antipathy represents an active aversion or despising. Sharing the suffix “pathy” with the more familiar “Sympathy,” Antipathy is a harsh contrast. The suffix “pathy” represents a suffering or a feeling. “Sym” represents a a sameness or “harmony.” So “sympathy” represents a suffering per feeling ‘harmony’ with another’s condition or plight. “Anti” means “against.” …

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