ambient — the surrounding atmosphere

Julyy 1, 2019
___ Ambient represents a pervading aspect of surroundings, that tends to set the mood.

Pronounced [AM-bee-uhnt], this word is related to the noun “ambience” — that is also spelled “ambiance.”

Yet “ambient” is an adjective. It is a describer behind what makes the “ambience.”

Definitions of “Ambient”
— via a consistent surrounding of something.
— via Webster’s New World Dictionary: surrounding; on all sides.

So, something that is “ambient” is consistently present in immediate surroundings.

Usage examples
The ambient candlelight throughout Chez Henri restaurant provided a romantic setting.

b) Bob took Cassandra’s hand as they walked beneath the ambient full moon glow.
c) The wine store manager hired a pianist to perform all afternoon, and Gretta felt relaxed and inspired to shop longer per the ambient music.

While “ambient” describes mellow or soft contributions to the immediate atmosphere, it also may describe plain or even noisy presences. For example …
d) Ken became acquainted with the ambient hiss of radiators in his brownstone flat.
e) Sheila loved her new apartment, yet could not adjust to the ambient traffic noise from the streets below.

What would be your favored ambient?


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  1. I “Love” the ambience of the Renaissance Festival! So much fun watching the events, seeing all of the neat things the vendors have to offer, and eating as many turkey legs as my stomach can handle!! It is a high all of it’s own that I crave every year! ❤️

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