Love for Words — askance

May 15th   2019
_____  To look askance, is to glance with disapproval or suspicion.

Pronounced [uh-SKAN(T)S], this may be a visual expression — a brief reaction to something said, seen, or suggested.

One who looks at something or someone “askance” looks sideways, or out of the corner of the eye, oft while rotating their gaze away.

“Askance” may also refer to an attitudinal reaction, or lack of action due to a skeptical response.

Usage examples:
● Susan looked at the salesman askance, when he said he would lower the price “just for her.”
● The job interviewer looked at Abby’s brightly colored outfit askance before he lead her to the conference room.
● Henry scanned the How-To book, and looked askance at the author’s self-righteous stance. He chose not to purchase the book.

*“Askant” may also be used as a variant of “askance.” However, ’tis considered archaic. Hey, it’s still in our language, and open for those who opt to use it for our expression!

References:, Online Etymology Dictionary, New World Dictionary SECOND COLLEGE EDITION.

Who have you looked at askance, and for what reason?


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