darkle — a distinction from ‘darken’

March 1st, 2020

___ Darkle means to grow dark, darken.

That is the definition I use in my novel, A Poet’s Moon. Via Chapter X “The sky darkled and revealed its stars.”

Could I write “the sky darkened and revealed its stars.” Yes. Yet no.

Yes, as “darken” is a synonym to “darkle.” Yet no, as “darkle” is more specific to the scene I describe.

“Darkle” even in sound, presents a more intricate action. One where stars may appear slowly above while heroine, Elissa, relishes a new adventure with hero, Paul.

Via Dictionary.com — more “Darkle” definitions:
to appear dark; show indistinctly.
— to grow dark, gloomy.

Usage examples
● A letter from a long distance darling may darkle their commitment intentions,
●  hence your conviction that the relationship will prevail might darkle.

“Darken” suggests a blackening while “Darkle” suggests a greying. Both are powerful, yet darkle presents a slower intense.

Will you notice the sky darken tonight, or watch it darkle?


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