forte — point of strength

July 15th  2019

___ A forte  is a strong point — in a sword, and in a person.

“Forte,” pronounced [FOHR-tay], derives from the 17th century French word fort, meaning “strong” — initially referring to the strong part of a sword blade, and later also referring to the strong point of a person.

Definition via Websters New World College Dictionary:
the strongest part of the blade of a sword, between the middle and the hilt

2. a thing that a person does particularly well; special accomplishment or strong point

Gotta love that ….
a) the initial meaning refers to a part of a sword –a weapon used in battle, in offense and defense.
b) that part of the sword is close to the hilt, or the sword handle the warrior grasps as their instrument to survive in battle.
c) ’tis also by definition the strength a person has, that they hopefully apply during fabulous challenges, and during battles in life.

“Forte,” via these two definitions, may also be pronounced [FOHRT]. Try it out loud for size: “His forte was strategy-planning, and he worked on that while other team members focused on presentation.”

A third definition, meaning a passage in a musical composition that is played with a raised loudness, uses exclusively the two-syllable pronunciation.

What is your forte? Do you position yourself to utilize it?


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