Love for words — ubiquitous

June 1st   2019
___  Something that is ubiquitous  seems like it’s everywhere.

It could seem everywhere as a whole, or everywhere in a specific category or establishment.

“Ubiquitous” stems from the Latin word ubīque that meanseverywhere.”

Usage examples
● Liza envisioned her cookbook being ubiquitous — available at all bookstores and big box stores, kitchen specialty shops, and of course online.
● Henry started the specialty hardware store over 40 years ago and passed it on to his son. He still has a ubiquitous presence to customers who have been coming in over generations. 

● Business cards are ubiquitous across all industries, and oft accumulated in desk drawers.
● Turquoise jewelry items are ubiquitous among New Mexico gift shops.

References: Merriam Webster online dictionary, Online Etymology Dictionary, Oxford Living Dictionaries.

What are things you find to be ubiquitous?


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