Unabashed — to be un-embarrassed

March 1st   2019

___ An unabashed person is steadfast in their attitude or action.

They have little or no consideration, or even concept, for being embarrassed per this particular attitude or action — while onlookers may consider it overzealous, or perplexing.

Or, they may stand unaffected in reaction to things that seem to be designed to upset them.

Definition via Websters New World College Dictionary
— not embarrassed or disconcerted under ordinarily embarrassing or trying circumstances

Definition via the AMERICAN HERITAGE dictionary
1. Not disconcerted or embarrassed; poised.
2. Not concealed or disguised; obvious.

Usage examples
● Kent was the underdog on the election ballot, yet he ran unabashed and determined as the candidate who truly represented the citizens’ needs.
● Janet was a Greenbay football fan living in Chicago. Her friends invited her to watch Packers-Bears games as the token ‘nemesis-team’ fan.  She entered wearing a Packers shirt, unabashed as the enthusiastic and sola Packers fan at the party.
● The County charged Steve with a list of property violations. He remained unabashed and challenged them in court.

“Unabashed” is a direct opposite of the lesser used “abashed” that means to be embarrassed or intimidated.

In what situations do you find yourself unabashed?


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