usurp — to take over

July 15th  2019
___ To usurp is to take over without due process.

Pronounced [yoo-SURP] or [yoo-ZURP], one who usurps does so without right or permission, sometimes by force.

Definition via
— to seize, take over, or appropriate (land, a throne, etc) without authority

usurp may seem abrupt. A usurper may be a person, or an entity.

Usage examples
● Bradford usurped control of the company via a hostile takeover.
● Linda devised actions to usurp Carrie’s position as leading lady in the theatre company performances.
● The new spa and salon usurped most clientele at Barbara’s Beauty Shop that had been on the corner for over 20 years.

Have you witnessed someone or something that was usurped?


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