yester — of bygone time

July 1st 2019
___  Something that was not so long ago, yet ’tis bygone, could be referred to as yester.

“Yester” is an adjective to tag a “the way ’twas” in reference to the subject at hand, usually with sentimentality.

By itself as a word today, dictionaries mark “yester” as archaic. Yet darlings, it remains a word in our language to use. So we have every permission to partake.

Usage examples
● Crystal identified more with folks of yester generations than with her siblings and classmates.
● Tom reinstated yester rules of conduct when he was elected president of the club, to also reinstate the high standards that distinguished the club and its members.
● The town was thriving today, yet in its yester existence, a noted few business owners held tight to overcome the crime and despair.
● The museum represented a yester century, and happenings that shaped life today.
● Melissa always seemed to favor the yester sunrise.

Word combination
Yester may also be a combining form to a word, as Yester-. The most recognizable example is “yesterday.” And yesterday may refer to the very day before, or a representation of a time before.

Here are other word combination examples: “yesteryear,” “yestereve,” “yesternight.”

When do you find yourself referring to a yester time?

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