Bringing your business + Spring Hill to our Features


Hello fine business owners along the “Historic Main Street” in Spring Hill.

This is Jacquee T. I had the pleasure of meeting many of you during the Main Street Merchant Sidewalk Sale – and was charmed with what you have going on along that cozy stretch.

It is in your best interest to keep drawing eyes to your establishment and to the Historic Main Street shopping district. And I have the venue to do that – 24-7!

I have an online venue that is ready to shine a light on your business, and at the same time shine a light on Spring Hill.

Your Sponsorship Invitation includes three Sponsorship levels. Each presents a unique and creative way to present your business. You are welcome to choose one, a combination of two, or all three.

The City Spotlights Tour is a celebration to add cities and communities to the KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! website.

Now I want to show you, via screenshots, how your Sponsorship brings your business and Spring Hill to the KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! menus. Here are examples how:

1. ‘Love for Words’ credit

Your ‘Love for Words’ credit includes an honorary mention of Your Businesswith link — as a supporter, and at the same time mentions that you are located in Spring Hill!

2. ‘Fellow romantic

This Sponsorship includes profile with logo and link on the ‘Love Our Sponsors!’ menu.

When folks hover over the ‘Love Local!’ section, they have option to click on a specific city, while checking out our Sponsors.

Your Sponsorship will represent the Spring Hill community and its connection to KANSAS IS ROMANTIC!


Yet not everyone selects a specific city. If they click on ‘Love Local,’ or on the top LOVE OUR SPONSORS! menu, they will see a list of all our Kansas Sponsors.

When they see yours, they will see that you’re in Spring Hill.

And when they click on, they will a profile that shares a bit o’ your story, and ways your business is fabulous and unique.


3. Radio romantic

This is open to ‘Fellow romantic‘ Sponsors only.

It brings your business name and Spring Hill to the sound waves. This via a “brought to you by … [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] in Spring Hill ….” credit.

Folks may listen to the episode with your credit on their mobile devices via iTunes (now “Apple Podcasts”) and other Podcast directories.

They may also listen via the KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! Radio Podcast menu. Above is a sample screenshot, representing a portion of an ‘A romantic in Kansas’ episode page that would include your Sponsor credit — your business, in Spring Hill.

So, KANSAS IS ROMANTiC! Sponsorships are designed to promote your business, and at the same time promote Spring Hill.

This offers a continuous, steady flow of presenting your business, and Spring Hill as gems in Kansas.

Thank you for your time. Let me know if you have any questions. I will be delighted to work with you.







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